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For a growing number of businesses, the forms of advertising that were effective in years past are no longer affordable options. With economic instability threatening the existence of many businesses and putting many others out of business completely, how do you decide where your advertising dollars are best spent? If you used to invest in radio and television advertisements but find that those methods of advertising are now too expensive and unpredictable in terms of results, you may be ready to consider more cost effective advertising methods. One great alternative is to send frosted cards out to your current, previous, and future clients. This is a low cost method that has proven quite effective for many businesses today.

What are Frosted Cards?

Essentially, frosted cards are business cards made of more durable plastic. They are not easy to destruct like cardboard or paper cards and they are not laminated. They are actual plastic cards that look similar to credit cards, but they contain your pertinent business information in a very professional-looking manner. Not only are they more appealing to others, but they will last much longer in the wallet or purse of your customer.

What Kinds of Designs are Available?

Rather than selecting from predesigned cards, most services offering frosted cards will allow you to either place a custom order specifying exactly what you want or will work with you in designing something just for your business. Most businesses have a good idea of what they are looking for when they go to purchase these cards, such as including a company logo or using colors associated with the company. A good card maker should be able to create a design that fits your specifications rather closely.

Choosing Professional Frosted Cards

A frosted card gets the attention of customers and potential clients because it is unique. This type of card shows that you are a professional business and that you take their business seriously. It shows that you want them to remember you and in most cases they will! This is the most important reason for using this type of card. They simply give everyone who comes across one a really good impression so they will think of you when they need services or products related to your business in the future. Paper cards are ordinary and are more likely to get tossed in the trash, but a professional frosted card will be worth hanging onto.

These cards can also go far when it comes to branding your business. Branding is all about keeping your company name in front of potential client’s eyes, and that is what happens when you hand out cards that are crafted to look and feel like credit cards. Rather than slipping them into the growing stack of paper cards most people have collecting, these cards are more likely to be slipped in with someone’s credit cards. Every time they use one of those credit cards your company name will be staring back at them.

You could also see an increase in business if your customers really like your frosted cards and start passing them around to others or discussing them with friends and relatives. This type of word of mouth comes with unique products like this and makes them well worth the expense to have them made.

Pricing Frosted Cards

While these are more expensive than regular cardboard business cards they are also both more durable and less likely to be thrown out by your customers. This means that you won’t have to keep giving the same customer a new business card over and over. It also means that your customer is more likely to keep the card longer and even pass it on to someone else looking for a business like yours.

If you are out to impress your customers and give them something unique to talk about with others, frosted cards are definitely worthy of your advertising budget!

If you want to know what frosted cards can do for your business contact us.

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