The Impact Of Clear Plastic Business Cards


In the market of business card the hottest trend seen today is clear plastic business cards. They are so fascinating that it can give a remarkable impression to the receiver. It is undoubtedly the uncommon way to effectively create your presence for attracting your customer’s attention and creating the buzz which no other paper cards can do.

Clear plastic cards are made from light weight plastic, durable material and are far superior to the “normal” business cards that everyone else is carrying. Clear Plastic cards are also likely to stay in circulation longer and will be readable and new-looking no matter how long they are kept or how often they are handled. They are extremely durable, waterproof and weather proof.

The variety of special effects which are incorporated into the design has helped clear plastic cards to gain so much of popularity. Great variety of colors and styles is available to select the clear plastic cards. Unlimited designs are seen for these plastic cards. The different cool features available today such as round or square corners, beautiful high gloss, photo finish makes them awesome. They have other special features such as embossing, foil accents and Braille apart from the amazing hues and smooth surfaces in which they are available that is bold yet approachable. They are notably affordable and can make important difference in the promotion of your product or service.

As they wont’ get dirty and being waterproof, clear plastic business cards are excellent choice for all type of home businesses or services. Using your preferable logo and text and colors, they can be customized. As these cards are hard and strong, they can be ideally used for scuba instructors, plumbers, automotive shops, house cleaning services, courier service and all other types of businesses and professionals including marketing, real estate, manufacturing and beauty.Plastic business cards are suitable for mostly all types of businesses, and are ideal for businesses in virtually any market segment.

Clear plastic cards can be made in a variety of different ways, most are made of a white plastic business card. This comes in a 20 mil or 30 mil thickness and is great for cards with photographs, high contrast graphics or graphics with bright colors. Clear Plastic cards are also printed on 10 mil translucent and flexible plastic with brilliant metallic foils. You can find many top clear plastic business card printers who can handle all of your design and printing needs. Their in house plastic business card designers can offer full color capabilities, customization to fit your needs, and can duplicate a plastic business card you have already prepared or can also design something brand new.

Durability is one of the major advantages of clear plastic business cards. Not many business cards will leave an impression with clients as clear plastic business cards will. Clear Plastic Business Cards are your best investment when it comes to improving your image, and impressing your customers. They stand out, are recognizable by touch, and make a solid favorable impression.

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