Top 5 tips how too? starts here

1. Go to car boot sales, grab a bargain you can even find new items in packets unopened by sellers who no longer have use for a unwanted gift. You can then save money and give the present away for a birthday or a treat.

2.At the Carboot Sale barter. Overseas they love it when you barter, so why not over here. Have a set price in mind what you would be willing to pay ask how much it is never start off by suggesting a price you lose that way every time. if the seller says £5.00 and you think its worth 3.50 offer £2.50 go up by 50p asking them will you take 3.00 etc until you get the price you are willing to pay for it for.Result 9 /10 times you walk away the winner only if you do what i say and not go in for the kill first with a price.You will be so thrilled with your self but watch out it is high addictive too.Oh by the way this is where the partner walks away in disgust embarassed.

3. try the same method at a market stall. you wont get much off but even a pound saves you money and what’s left in your pocket goes that little bit further.

4. When shopping in a large store if you see a mark on an item ask to see the manageress. The mark  may come out in the wash and you can get approx 10% off if you ask, they can only say no can’t they result savings again.

5. When you are late home from work and don’t know what to have to eat because you cant be bothered cooking wait until an hour before supermarket closes and go to the reduced aisles, you may pick up a loaf of bread milk yogurts salad etc at 10p plus saving a fortune at closing time. Each store chooses different times to knock their prices really down so you will have to be ruthless and may have only 15 mins left to shop but on items where the sell by date will be running out,  but hey you are hungry, can be bothered cooking, I go often and find the best choice meals at 50p or so at this time superb you wont be able to contain your self with excitement to tell someone else about the savings you made.

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Everyone has that one crazy oversized uncle who comes over for main holidays; year after year the plunger is on call after Christmas dinner for fear of Uncle Ed clogging up the toilet again. Eliminate your families and toilets concerns with water efficient dual flush toilets that are able to flush large loads with ease while also saving countless gallons of water.

Everyone in the world today is trying to make an effort to ‘go more green’ and striving to do everything they can to save money and the environment. Many businesses around the world participated in the ‘Earth Blackout’ just a few months ago toward the end of March to kick the door open and start saving energy. With this brief attempt to save energy cities and countries flipped off the switch for an hour’s time; countries such as Australia, UK and the United States all took part. There are several of ways to utilize energy and save water that is wasted daily by many whom do not take into account their usage. You can do your part by taking shorter showers, washing cars less frequently and upgrading your old 1970’s toilet to a high flow water efficient toilet. A premier dual flush elongated toilet may just be the answer to keeping that water bill low and sustaining the green paper in your wallet.

Many health studies suggest for young growing adolescents to drink up to eight glasses of water per day to remain healthy and keep their bodies growing. Water intake is a vital part of human life as the body cannot survive without water but taking 20 minute showers is not a very good way to conserve water and neither is flushing that old toilet numerous times to get the full load to flush. Having energy efficient and water saving toilets in your house can reduce your monthly bill by hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

If you have taken showroom finance for purchasing a car, it can make a big hole in your pocket. Several studies show that showroom finance is expensive than other loans available in the market. Although car showroom loan deals look tempting but motorists that sign up to car showroom deals may end up wasting an average of £1,200.

So, you should not rush and grab the first deal that is offered to you by your car dealer. The average interest rate for a car showroom finance deal is around 10 percent APR, which is almost 4 per cent APR higher than the best loan rates available in the market. Personal loans offer you a better alternative for purchasing a car. A car is viewed as a necessity these days. It is no longer a symbol of status unless you are having a rare machine that zips past at the speed of 250-300 mph. A mere loan is not enough for many car buyers – rather they need a cheap loan. Fast personal loans can make this possible.

With an increasing number of lenders as well as borrowers, the UK financial market is growing by the day. The presence of a large number of lenders has made the loan market very competitive. You can very well expect fast personal loans that can be credited in your account within a few days. The loan process does not take more than 2-3 days.

If you are willing to provide collateral to the lender, your chances of getting a loan on easy terms and conditions increase manifold. Very often, personal loans are unsecured loans. However, you can also opt for secured personal loans wherein you are required to provide some property of significant value as collateral to the lender. This collateralisation of loan provides you many benefits like low interest rate, longer repayment period and a big loan amount to finance high-end cars.

Remortgages means changing your existing mortgage from one lender to another to get yourself a better deal.Out of five home loans were actually mortgages as millions of canny borrowers took advantage of the UK’s hugely competitive mortgage market.Why Remortgaging? There may be many reasons for remortgage, like bargaining with existing lender to review the current payment structure, the ultimate gain should be “Saving Money”.If you have lender’s standard mortgage known as SVR (Standard Variable Rate) then chances are you are paying too much. Lenders rely on these loyal customers to find the new offers to attract new borrowers. You pay over the odds allows someone else to play the system and profit. Why shouldn’t you be the one paying less?For many people mortgage is the biggest financial commitment. And if Money saving method applied to largest financial area of your commitment then it can save Big Money. If you are kind of person who shops around to purchase a cheap cell phone, DVD player, a television etc. then you are missing a big trick to save money on your mortgage.To give some idea of the saving up for grabs, you had a repayment mortgage for £100,000.and were currently paying 6% interest. Moving halfway through your 25 year term to a 5% deal would save you almost £5,000. And if you keep on changing to the best deals available every couple of years you could save even bigger.And sometimes you even don’t need to change the existing lender. You may talk to your existing lender for a better deal and as it makes money from your debt so they might won’t let it loose anyway.However though remortgage saves you money, it involves a price. You may pay the penalty to leave the existing lender, a fee to join the new lender and may face legal bills too. So This doesn’t means you shouldn’t remortgage. Do your calculations before taking the leap.There are other reasons along with Money saving to avail the remortgaging, like you are moving up on the property ladder and need more money Or you need extra cash and want to take advantage of the fact that your house gone up in value Or your mortgage doesn’t fit anymore (changing job, back to education, going traveling etc.) whatever the reason there are mortgages that will let you take payment holidays.

Brits have become known as a nation of credit card lovers, and a number of recent reports have revealed that many British borrowers have their purses or wallets filled with plastic cards, with some carrying three, four, even five credit cards on them at any one time. The UK’s personal debt mountain reflects just how reliant the nation has become on finance such as credit cards over the years, and this is also reflected by the number of people that have found themselves buried up to the neck in credit card debt.
The one thing that you have to remember about credit cards is that the interest rates charged, and the various fees that are applied, can be very high, which is why it can take so long and be so expensive to pay off this sort of debt if you are making only small repayments on the cards each month. Many people may be planning to switch their expensive credit card debts to a low interest or interest free balance transfer credit card, but it is important to remember that switching cards has become increasingly difficult since the onset of the global credit crunch, which has resulted in tighter credit conditions.
This is the reason why some people that have a number of high interest credit cards that have outstanding balances could quickly find that they are paying a fortune each month on their credit card debts alone, which will not help if you are already struggling with your finances due to other rising costs, bills, and outgoings. It can be even worse if all you can afford to pay each month on your credit cards is the minimum repayment, because the vast majority of this will be swallowed up in interest which means that your balances will never really go down and you will be left paying the debts of for years, perhaps even decades.
If you have only one or two credit cards with balances on them then it is probably worth just trying to pay as much off as possible on each one until they are cleared. Try to make more than the minimum repayment otherwise you will be stuck with these debts. If, however, you have several high rate cards with outstanding balances and you cannot afford to pay off the balances other than through small monthly repayments or even minimum repayments then it may be worth looking at taking out a secured or unsecured loan at a low rate and paying the cards off.
You could find that by doing this you are able to reduce the amount that you are paying out each month by a significant amount, which could really help your finances if you are struggling. You can also avoid having to pay a high rate of interest to each card provider, eliminate the risk of missed and late payment charges, and enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with a range of debts and creditors.

When it comes the time to save money there are a few tried and true methods that can help you make sure you have more money in your pocket. And they don’t have to be hard habits to adopt. Experts recommend that a few small changes in habit can lead to big savings in the bank. One big habit change can include turning out the lights when you leave a room, and turning off the computer at the end of the workday or before heading to bed. These may seem obvious, but many people often forget, and they’re wasting money on power and electricity in doing so. Another tip for many looking to save a bit here and there includes attempting to cut back on grocery bills. If it’s possible, many experts recommend choosing to downgrade brands, and purchase a label that is cheaper. It can help to make a shopping list before heading to the store, as this prevents impulse buys. When it comes to everyday life, there are also a number of easy tips that can be adopted in order to save a bit more money. Choose to have dinner and a movie in, or pack a picnic lunch instead of having lunch at a restaurant on the weekends. Take a tip from many UK families, and choose to take your holidays at home this year. There are plenty of interesting and exciting attractions to be seen right outside our own doors, and vacationing at home can save lots of money that would otherwise be spent on airfares and restaurants abroad. If petrol bills are eating you up, one simple solution is to try and drive less. Choosing public transit, carpooling with co-workers or simply walking to work is good on your bank account, and on the environment. It can also prove useful for those looking to save money to seek expert advice from a financial advisor. Often, financial advisors can take into consideration all of your costs – including mortgages and credit cards – in order to find areas where you’re losing money. On that note, be sure to shop around for alternative options when it comes to phone service, mobile carriers and internet connections. You might be surprised what deals are out there, and could very well find your bills cut in half. In many ways it can also pay to think creatively. Sell your clutter, use a special talent to earn extra money and choose to save on DIY projects, and you could be surprised about the many ways you could save money. When you choose to adopt simple ways to cut down on costs, you’ll be sure to be surprised about how much of your money ends up in savings.