Offering free samples is probably one of the smartest ways for companies to get their new product out there and known. You might be wondering why companies would go through so much trouble using what seems to be a non cost effective way to draw in customers. With competition between so many producers being today what is is, manufacturers have had to search out new and inventive ways to promote their new products.

These days we are berated with commercials advertising tons of products that are all pretty much the same. As a matter of fact, we are so used to seeing commercials that many of us tune them out altogether. Think about it, if you’re in charge of advertising for a company, how are you going to convince the consumer that your product really is better than the competition. Sometimes television or radio advertising just isn’t enough.

Having free samples to advertise new products has helped many companies to maintain their customer loyalty base, as well as adding them on. You want to stand out and give people actual physical evidence that your product is superior? Give them a way to experience it first-hand without having to worry about spending a dime. Nothing beats getting something for nothing and people will be drawn in.

Not only are free samples great for the manufacturer and the consumer, but they can also be a way to help boost popularity of local retailers. Many times manufacturers that choose to use free sample advertising to promote their new products will send a large quantity of these samples to larger chain retailers. The retailer, in turn, hands out the freebies to their customer base. So you can see that free samples are really a win win situation.

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s all well and good.”. I’m sure you’re ecstatic about learning how helpful free sample advertising is for everyone involved. Let’s just get down to what you really came here for. If you’re interested in learning the best ways to find free samples online, continue reading. I have outlined the top three ways for you to request or order free samples online.

The most obvious direction to take would be to simply use a search engine in pursuit of free samples. The only problem with this is that many people take advantage of the fact that this is a frequently searched topic. There are a great deal of sites that have been designed to attract searchers of free samples, only to hit them with a ton of advertising. This is how they can make a profit without really offering anything in return.

The most obvious sign of a fake freebie site is that they require you to fill out long, irrelevant surveys in order to request your free sample. More times than most you will spend a lot of time filling out surveys only to come out with nothing. Another sign that you are not on a legitimate free sample site is if they require you to fill out an offer, make a purchase or give out irrelevant personal information. If you come across a site that displays any of these signs, you should move on to the next free sample site.

The most effective and surefire way to request free samples online is to go directly to the manufacturers’ website. Manufacturers’ sites will often prominently display promotions for either printable online coupons, freebies, or money saving deals on their new products. The best part about requesting free samples directly from the manufacturer is that there is no need to worry about being mislead. Going directly to the manufacturer is going directly to the source. You’re avoiding any third party site.

If you are looking and looking and some of your favorite products appear to have no current rebates or offers, another way to request a free sample would be to write them in regards to one. One of the most fruitful efforts of a letter come with complimenting the company on their product. If you let them know how much you truly love and use their product everyday, you are sure to receive some reward by being such a loyal costumer. The lesser taken road could be to write a complaint. If you are put off by their “high prices” or “lack of quality”, you may be offered an incentive to give their product a second chance.

In conclusion, all of these suggestions offered in this article are sure to help you rack up the free samples in no time.

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