Die cut cards are extremely strong marketing tools, and if you would like to add a touch of style to your business card so that the person you give it to will recall you and your company easily, die cut cards are what you want. These are regular business cards, but they are specially made to meet your needs by using a die (sharp blades made of steel), and you can do much with this. These business cards are cost effective and can easily be ordered over the internet. Here is a closer look at some of the advantages of using die cut cards.

How will die cut cards help you to make a statement?

One of the main advantages of using die cut cards is that they make your business more distinguishable than the competition. If you want to make an impact from the first meeting onwards, die cut cards are perfect. Sadly, most business owners pick the easiest choice when buying business cards and pick standard cards that are on offer. What they do not see is by doing this, they put themselves in the same place as many other businesses with the same old boring cards.

Consider a scenario where a potential client receives 7 business cards from prospective sellers; all competing with each other and the customer decides to call one of the businesses, this is where you die cut card will stand out. You need to understand that a business card offers very little information about the company, seller or even the products; a person simply gets the name of the card bearer, of the organization, contact details and perhaps the company’s logo or mission statement; however, none of these are enough to create a brand identity. While die cut cards will do just that, make your card stand out among dozens of others in your client’s hand. The simple variation will be quite adequate to prove to your customers that you care and are willing to go the extra mile, so who do you think will receive a call from the clients, the guys with the boring, mundane, black and white cards or a business that had the foresight to get die cut cards?

How much do die cut cards cost?

Die cut cards are priced higher than normal business cards; however the numerous advantages that they give are sufficient to make them worth the cost. As well, there are many places you can buy these business cards and if you search online, you will find many vendors that offer amazing designs as well as good prices.

What should you consider when buying die cut cards?

To start, you can make a rough copy of the design that you like by using a piece of paper or even a program such as Paint on your PC, so that you can easily edit to your liking. As well, you should know about the material used and the size of the business cards. You can obtain all this information from the company you choose to print the cards. Be sure that the size you pick is easy to carry and be aware that the size of the card will determine how much information and the kind of design you can have on the die cut card.

There is a standard size for these business cards, which is 3.5×2 inches, and most card printing companies will provide many choices for altering the size to meet your requirements.

If you have not already ordered die cut cards, you are missing out on an excellent chance to gain the attention of prospective customers, so go on and get some wonderful looking die cut cards now.

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One of from the most important marketing tools a business owner can have is business cards. They allow you to keep in contact with others and build your business on a continual basis. However, the regular old paper cards are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the innovation of plastic business cards. Today, Toronto business cards are a step above the rest due to their frosted plastic.

There are many advantages of using plastic Toronto business cards as opposed to paper ones. Plastic is sturdy and hard wearing so the card will not tear or break as easily as paper cards do.

Unlike paper cards, plastic business cards will not be damaged by water or moisture. You can accidentally drop it in a bucket of water and retrieve it in the same good condition it was in before.

The appeal is much better as well. You can utilize creative designs and even engrave your information instead of having it printed.

When you give a customer or a potential client a plastic business card, it is very unlikely that they will just toss it away. The intrigue and beauty of the card will make them want to look at it and read the information it contains. This is unlike what happens with paper cards. They have been so randomly tossed to us that we do not care to give them a second look. What’s more, they are all nearly the same so there is nothing new to see. The only difference is in the information and perhaps the design.

When it’s time to distribute your Toronto business cards most of the individuals you wish to give it to will want to keep them. This is a huge advantage considering they probably get tons of business cards throughout the year. The best part about this is that plastic cards last longer than paper versions, which turns into a constant reminder for future and repeat customers.

Don’t be surprised if these plastic business cards are passed on from one person to another. This innovation is still considered new to the market, and people you give them to will show them off to family and friends. All we can say is this is an added bonus to your business.

One thing to understand is that the individuals who are still using paper cards will not realize how much business they are missing out on until they try Toronto business cards. The curiosity alone is enough to attract people to your business and find out more about your company.

Giving plastic Toronto business cards to your clients shows that you value and appreciate them. They will appreciate the fact that you invested more in the cards to give them superior quality. Once customers feel appreciated, they tend to become loyal, which again, is good for business.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the type of Toronto business cards you want. Choose from clear plastic, frosted, standard and die cut, to metallic and gold plastic cards. Choose also the custom features you want in the card, such as signature panels, bar codes and magnetic strips.

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Plastic business cards are increasingly becoming popular among many businesses. They are slowly replacing paper business cards and going by the number of businesses picking up the trend, they are the hottest marketing tool right now. Many companies making Toronto business cards have ventured into this new trade. They now use frosted plastic to make business cards.

When you look at all the advantages of Toronto business cards there are plenty to go round. Utilizing plastic allows for a sturdier product, which means you don’t have to worry about them tearing as easily as the paper ones.

Another huge benefit is that water and moisture will not damage them either. Seriously, if you drop Toronto business cards in a bucket of water you the condition will not change.

The appeal is much better as well. You can utilize creative designs and even engrave your information instead of having it printed.

Individuals who use Toronto business cards will have a true advantage over their competitors. This is due to the difficulty simply throwing them away. After all, they do look like they have tons of value. It just gives potential customers and clients the notion to take a second look. Again, they are just like paper cards, but the design and information will probably be different.

Distributing plastic Toronto business cards means that potential customers are exposed to information about your business for longer. Because of their appealing look, people will want to store them and over time, will keep bumping into them. Who knows, this reminder may be just what your business needs to flourish and break into profitability.

Plastic business cards are likely to be passed on from one person to another. This is more so because they are still new in the market and so any client you give the card will want to show it off to friends and/or family. This is good for your business.

What it comes down to is when you use Toronto business cards you will be a step ahead of your competition. Those who are still using paper cards will have no way of keeping up with your success unless they get some of their own. It’s all about curiosity and when a business card is unique it sucks in people just because they want to know more about your company.

Just by handing these off to clients you will see that they feel appreciated. This is because plastic business cards offer a much higher quality and make people feel valued. Over time you will notice that these same customers will become loyal and even repeat customers.

Your choices are plentiful with comes to Toronto business cards. All you have to do now is figure out what type is the best for you and your business. Whether it’s clear, frosted, standard, die cut, metallic, or gold plastic cards, one them will provide you with an edge to making your business successful. Add in the various features like; signature panels, bar codes, and magnetic strips, you will find that people will want to know what type of business you conduct and how you obtained these Toronto business cards.

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In the market of business card the hottest trend seen today is clear plastic business cards. They are so fascinating that it can give a remarkable impression to the receiver. It is undoubtedly the uncommon way to effectively create your presence for attracting your customer’s attention and creating the buzz which no other paper cards can do.

Clear plastic cards are made from light weight plastic, durable material and are far superior to the “normal” business cards that everyone else is carrying. Clear Plastic cards are also likely to stay in circulation longer and will be readable and new-looking no matter how long they are kept or how often they are handled. They are extremely durable, waterproof and weather proof.

The variety of special effects which are incorporated into the design has helped clear plastic cards to gain so much of popularity. Great variety of colors and styles is available to select the clear plastic cards. Unlimited designs are seen for these plastic cards. The different cool features available today such as round or square corners, beautiful high gloss, photo finish makes them awesome. They have other special features such as embossing, foil accents and Braille apart from the amazing hues and smooth surfaces in which they are available that is bold yet approachable. They are notably affordable and can make important difference in the promotion of your product or service.

As they wont’ get dirty and being waterproof, clear plastic business cards are excellent choice for all type of home businesses or services. Using your preferable logo and text and colors, they can be customized. As these cards are hard and strong, they can be ideally used for scuba instructors, plumbers, automotive shops, house cleaning services, courier service and all other types of businesses and professionals including marketing, real estate, manufacturing and beauty.Plastic business cards are suitable for mostly all types of businesses, and are ideal for businesses in virtually any market segment.

Clear plastic cards can be made in a variety of different ways, most are made of a white plastic business card. This comes in a 20 mil or 30 mil thickness and is great for cards with photographs, high contrast graphics or graphics with bright colors. Clear Plastic cards are also printed on 10 mil translucent and flexible plastic with brilliant metallic foils. You can find many top clear plastic business card printers who can handle all of your design and printing needs. Their in house plastic business card designers can offer full color capabilities, customization to fit your needs, and can duplicate a plastic business card you have already prepared or can also design something brand new.

Durability is one of the major advantages of clear plastic business cards. Not many business cards will leave an impression with clients as clear plastic business cards will. Clear Plastic Business Cards are your best investment when it comes to improving your image, and impressing your customers. They stand out, are recognizable by touch, and make a solid favorable impression.

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For a growing number of businesses, the forms of advertising that were effective in years past are no longer affordable options. With economic instability threatening the existence of many businesses and putting many others out of business completely, how do you decide where your advertising dollars are best spent? If you used to invest in radio and television advertisements but find that those methods of advertising are now too expensive and unpredictable in terms of results, you may be ready to consider more cost effective advertising methods. One great alternative is to send frosted cards out to your current, previous, and future clients. This is a low cost method that has proven quite effective for many businesses today.

What are Frosted Cards?

Essentially, frosted cards are business cards made of more durable plastic. They are not easy to destruct like cardboard or paper cards and they are not laminated. They are actual plastic cards that look similar to credit cards, but they contain your pertinent business information in a very professional-looking manner. Not only are they more appealing to others, but they will last much longer in the wallet or purse of your customer.

What Kinds of Designs are Available?

Rather than selecting from predesigned cards, most services offering frosted cards will allow you to either place a custom order specifying exactly what you want or will work with you in designing something just for your business. Most businesses have a good idea of what they are looking for when they go to purchase these cards, such as including a company logo or using colors associated with the company. A good card maker should be able to create a design that fits your specifications rather closely.

Choosing Professional Frosted Cards

A frosted card gets the attention of customers and potential clients because it is unique. This type of card shows that you are a professional business and that you take their business seriously. It shows that you want them to remember you and in most cases they will! This is the most important reason for using this type of card. They simply give everyone who comes across one a really good impression so they will think of you when they need services or products related to your business in the future. Paper cards are ordinary and are more likely to get tossed in the trash, but a professional frosted card will be worth hanging onto.

These cards can also go far when it comes to branding your business. Branding is all about keeping your company name in front of potential client’s eyes, and that is what happens when you hand out cards that are crafted to look and feel like credit cards. Rather than slipping them into the growing stack of paper cards most people have collecting, these cards are more likely to be slipped in with someone’s credit cards. Every time they use one of those credit cards your company name will be staring back at them.

You could also see an increase in business if your customers really like your frosted cards and start passing them around to others or discussing them with friends and relatives. This type of word of mouth comes with unique products like this and makes them well worth the expense to have them made.

Pricing Frosted Cards

While these are more expensive than regular cardboard business cards they are also both more durable and less likely to be thrown out by your customers. This means that you won’t have to keep giving the same customer a new business card over and over. It also means that your customer is more likely to keep the card longer and even pass it on to someone else looking for a business like yours.

If you are out to impress your customers and give them something unique to talk about with others, frosted cards are definitely worthy of your advertising budget!

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