So what on earth is a payment gateway? Once your e-commerce buyer has “filled his/her shopping box” and clicked the tab that reads “Move to checkout” or “Finalize order”, your shopping box software will compute his or her cash spent, including any further fees, discounts, credits, plus taxes. The resultant cost is what he / she needs to shell out … But how? The familiar procedure is either a VisaCard or bank card (for example PayPal and bank-issued, Pioneer Cards or other digital cards). Now you must verify that the shopper has this card, is valid with the card supplier, and, for a debit-card, has required funds to meet the transaction or, for a credit-card, has required credit.

The transaction gateway is a program that processes this charge card or money card info. This application links with a payment company, who deals with the actual job of notifying the MasterCard/VisCard or credit card company and approves the payment. The company will send the info to the card provider to deduct that sum from the cardholder’s total amount or charge his or her account. In its functionality, it is much similar to the credit card port you’ll get in many bricks-and-mortar shops, where the client swipes his/her bank card through the device and, should it be an ATM card, enters in a Personal-Identity-Number.

The info transmitted to the transaction gateway will be encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer generally known as SSL encryption. The client’s info will have been placed via HTTPS protocol, also safe.

Furthermore there is something named V. P. A. (Virtual Payer Authentication). This is “Authorized by VISA” and possibly will be the most well-known brand. This gives an extra layer of stability for the customer.

A new system, 3-D Secure, is available as further support in verifying the identification of the client for the vendor, since merchant and client cannot see each other and may actually be separated by seas or even be located in different states.

The complete verification routine takes just one or two seconds. (Do you ever think of the old days, until e-commerce, when even a supermarket transaction involving a debit card could take some minutes to authenticate?)

When the charge card or debit-card usage has been confirmed, the transaction is finished and the client is free to navigate leave the website, confident that his/her products will be delivered shortly and that his or her credit card information is safe.

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The birth of the internet has made all our lives a little bit easier. You can now find out anything you want on the internet without having to go to the library and search the multitude of books.

The internet is a great place to get all the latest news and all the latest gossip. You may even be able to pay your bills through the internet too.

The internet can help you to keep in touch with all your friends, old and new via the chat and email networks. You can even earn a living by using the internet nowadays.

This has all come about because the internet is so big that you can now advertise your products to a much wider audience than ever before. The internet is simply a fantastic outlet for buying, selling or marketing your ideas and services to.

Everywhere you look on the internet there are businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you like the idea yours could be one of them.

You may be business educated or just a student looking for some part time income. You could even be somebody that spends a lot of time at home for one reason or another and just wants to earn some extra cash. Just about anybody can start their own business thanks to the internet. It is possible though that if you do not know a lot about the internet that you could find it difficult.

There are many choices and ideas available to help you online. If you do plan on starting your own home business you will need to plan and prepare properly. If you just jump in with both feet you will more than likely fail.

Like most other business the internet home business has risks involved with it. It is possible to fail as well as to succeed. As long as you are prepared to give it your best shot you may just get the opportunity to succeed.

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If you want to increase revenue, consider making some money online with the help of Facebook. It is easier than you think!

It is easy to use for business, and is one of the most popular social networking sites around. If you want to promote your business, this is a great way to go about it because the social network has so many users.

If you are on the site, you can use this to gain access to foreign or offshore clients. One easy way to do this is to start a personal or fan page for the business. You can have people friend you and this will help you make money. But you will have to be creative.

The site won’t let you change the CSS or HTML codes, so you need to work within the structure of the site itself. If you are clever, you can use the standard tools as very effective marketing tools. It allows you to post video and photos, to write posts that are called “notes,” and to tag people.

You should make good use of all of these features and upload images and updates. This is because everything you upload will show in the news feeds of all of your contacts. They can then pass on these links and material to their friends as well. Facebook is great for word-of-mouth publicity.

You also want to maximize your contacts through the network. It helps if you have many people who will sign up for your company’s page.

One way to do this is to prompt existing visitors and clients who go to your regular website to follow you and your updates. You can download an icon button for this purpose to put on your site; clients can click this to add you to their contacts. One way to encourage people to do this is to hold a contest as part of your marketing campaign, this can get more people to add your Facebook page.

Think outside the box whenever attempting to bring people over to your page. The more you’re able to entertain them and lure them in, the more success you’ll find overall.

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Online payment systems are a necessary part of ecommerce for all concerned, from individual stores to both small and large corporations. Providing high quality merchant accounts can best be done by identifying those attributes that you will require, including the following:

You will need to look at all the price and service components of the service. You should look for an account provider available at all times; you will need him to answer questions and to help you solve problems on an ongoing basis. Clear procedures should be in place so that poor service just never happens. Pricing for all the components of your account service should be clear from the beginning, so that price and service never become issues.

You will find a variety of ecommerce software providers when you begin your search. Start by becoming familiar with all aspects of any software you are considering. Look for both strengths and weaknesses and compare them to your particular needs. Before you settle on a software package, be sure that it is a program that runs without glitches and issues.

Installing your choice of software should be easily and quickly done; you want it online and working for you as quickly as is possible. Quick and complete systems integration should be the norm. You need to know what your program will do for you and how soon it will be on line; after all, it is there to help you grow your business, and the sooner the better.

Your merchant account should be with a company which offers high quality in both service and services. You should be able to make large numbers of complex transactions simultaneously and continuously. There should be no security issues at all. Your account should be able to interface with and service payments from any source, and you will receive the most value from a program which integrates all payments into one smooth operation.

Your merchant account should be versatile and easy to use. What that really means is that it should be simple to operate and possess all the functions you will need to have. Unnecessary components should be eliminated so that the focus is on growing customer sales, not on operating the accounting system. You should be easily able to deal securely with diverse procedures, from one-time internet purchases to any source of recurring payments; and your account should be able to interface with everything from shopping carts to Quickbooks and still be able to provide you with up to the minute reports.

Your merchant account, then, should be adaptable, able to provide for all of your needs as you change and grow. It should be absolutely secure. And it should provide its services in a user-friendly manner. Your merchant account is your lifeline to internet commerce.

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Do you have an idea for a new product that you’d like to test market? This can be a very exciting thing. Unfortunately, many people are left wondering where to even look for this. Do you hire a focus group? This is time consuming and may be a hassle getting everyone together in the same place at once. It’s also expensive, not to mention confusing if you’ve never run one before. Behold though, there’s a better way. One that will save you plenty of time and money as compared to the alternatives. Using the internet, you can easily get some initial impressions and feedback. This is easily the recommended course of action for anyone on looking for a cheap means of testing any market.

The internet’s ability to offer outsourcing and cheap avenues of advertising means that you can hire others to help you develop your ideas, then get those ideas out to a test audience. This audience’s response to the product can go a long way in helping you tweak before you embark on a larger advertising campaign.

The global nature of the internet allows you to obtain inexpensive help for whatever your project needs. You can even hire someone to help you coordinate the project if you’re not sure how to really get started on it.

Outsourcing your work doesn’t cost a fortune, and if you’re worried that someone could steal your ideas, you can have them sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to working on your project. Most businesses and independent contractors aren’t out to take your idea and pass it off as their own, and most will be happy to offer their help, whether they request payment as a flat rate or by the hour.

When it comes to the marketing part of your project, you can also use the internet to conduct test marketing campaigns. Facebook and Google AdWords both provide inexpensive and effective means of conducting a test marketing campaign. If you use Facebook, you can actually begin testing your product’s success before you even have the product finished.

To do this, simply hire an artist to create a pre-production rendering of what the finished product would look like. Create a Facebook fan page for your product; if you see that users are interested in it, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find success if you follow the project through to its end.

Think big when you’re developing your idea. With the power of the internet, you’re on an even playing field with even the biggest corporations in the world. You don’t have to be restricted by focusing on small, safe ideas.

With the right combination of a great idea, a lot of determination, and a little bit of luck, you just may be able to add yourself to the list of internet millionaires!

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Diamond would be the gift for your girlfriend that would make her keep on smiling. You can get affordable diamond jewelries nowadays. But if you are serious about getting a good diamond, we have some facts here for your to review. A diamond is valued by its cut, carat, clarity and color. You can ask for the certificate (issued by an independent diamond grader such as the GIA) when you shop for a diamond. The certificate is in fact quite important as part of the purchase. Just like selling a car, you need to show the title certificate, you need the diamond certificate if you want to sell the diamond. There are lots of diamond jewelers on the internet, it is easy to get scammed, so we would like to give you some ideas on how to avoid losing your money.

The color of a diamond cannot be changed. Lights transmit differently through different colored diamonds. Given lights can transmit freely through clear diamonds, they are more expensive. Cuts also determine the briliancy of a diamond. Most diamonds are cut 58 different ways, the angles and finishes of the cuts enhance the light reflections. One inappropriate cut can cause a breakage in a diamond. Or a cut that is too thin can reduce the sparkleness of the diamond. Third is the clarity of a diamond, you can examine yourself and see the information on the certificate.

The clarity of a diamond affects the way it shines. Clouds or micro particles might form during the diamond crystallization process. These micro particles reduce the clarity of a diamond, and its ability to reflect the lights. The clarity of a diamond is determined by a certified diamond technician under a 10-power microscope, and is stated on its certificate. The higher the clarity, the higher the diamond price. The weight of the diamond also affects the price. One carat is 200 milligrams. It is further divided into 100 points. A 1.5 carat diamond would have 150 points.

Keep in mind with the four selection criteria: cut, color, clarity and carat, when you shop for your diamond at the stores. Choose the shape and sizes that you would like, and compare the pricing as you shop. Don’t forget to ask for a diamond certificate or a diamond grading report when you look at a diamond. The certificate is issued by an independent laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It authenticates the color, cut, clarity, and the carat of the diamond. GIA is a third party and is independent of the jewelers. Every diamond is unique, and should be accompanied by its own certificate. If a jeweler refuses to give you the report, then you should be alarmed. You would need the certificate for the purpose of reselling or insurance identification.

You can also shop for your diamond on the internet too. You just have to be more careful in your online purchase. It is easy to shop online, plenty of choices, you can get better pricing as overhead cost is lower for online jewelers as opposed to jewelers in the mall. However, you need to research the jeweler once you see a diamond that you like on the internet, before sending them your money. If the price of a diamond is too low compared to other jewelers online or offline, then you should check twice. Search for customer reviews on the jeweler, filings or complaints with the consumer report or BBB, stay away from any troubled jewelers. Make sure you understand the jeweler’s policy on return, refund, and upgrade services. You might be able to find jewelers who have free services such as mounting, sizing and free shipping. Anyhow, get the GIA report or diamond certificate when you shop online to protect yourself.

Some people might think shopping online is a little risky, since you don’t see the diamond or the jeweler physically before you make the payment, and especially it involves a big sum of money. Diamond escrow services are you answers to the uncertainty you might have about the online shopping. These escrow services would get the diamond from the jeweler, validated it, send it to you. Then they will send your money to the seller. Some escrow service would appraise the diamond first before completing the transaction. So you can make your purchase as safe as you want it to be. A diamond is an investment that last forever, and it would be a very lovely gift for your girlfriend.

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Business owners may face a difficult choice between staffing and profits. Establishing and growing a business can be challenging and financially stressful. During this process, a business owner may need more help, but may be unable to afford additional salaries.

At the same time, the many administrative tasks involved in running a business can take up a great deal of an entrepreneur’s time. Required tasks such as tax preparation, marketing, correspondence, and bookkeeping all have to be managed. Unfortunately, an entrepreneur can spend so much time on these items that it becomes impossible to simultaneously grow the business.

Worse, some businesses may not reach their full potential because the owners are bogged down in the minutiae of doing business. Business owners may not have the time and energy to follow up on profitable ideas.

A business owner who finds themselves in this position should not give up, however. With some determination and creativity, it is possible to enhance the business and meet responsibilities without incurring great additional expense.

The key is to think creatively in fact, virtually. When it is not financially possible to hire an employee, try hiring a virtual assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant as an independent contractor will maximize savings for the employer. As independent contractors aren’t given benefits, have to pay the entire tax burden on their income, and aren’t protected by employee laws, the employer realizes immediate benefits.

Not paying a salary to an employee is also a benefit to the employer. Because the employer is not paying a set amount per week or month, they can hire the assistant as needed and only for the specific needed amount of work.

The virtual assistant, then, is a win-win choice for an employer. They can be hired to cover whichever tasks that the employer finds to be too time consuming or difficult to manage, allowing the employer to pursue opportunities.

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