Economics and Politics eventually converge and entwine into one unique process of strategy called ‘Globalization’. And in the world of globalization there are the tacticians and the strategists just as in a corporation there is the board of directors and the ‘C’ level executives or in Politics there is the lobbyist and their puppet politician. Both political and corporate spectrums have their controllers and their talking heads and an agenda that is assimilated from the top to the bottom but the ‘top’ to the public is actually the bottom and the invisible are always in control. Let me explain.

The talking heads are little more than a distribution mechanism for the strategists behind them that have placed them in a position. The talking head is a willing participant, whether they are a congressman or CEO, these individuals possess one universal theme, they have limited ego and are willing to give up their personal schema in order to convince the public of their position. Behind them is an organization whether it be a board, lobbyist or special interest group that feeds them a daily script and/or voting schedule and the process is simple, the puppet keeps their position as long as they are willing to place personal ideas and convictions aside and regurgitate the information and ideologies of those who have placed them in this position.

An interesting note here is that I’ve consulted with some organizational front men who were completely unaware of the fact that their promotion to this particular position was engineered whether they are a CEO or a politician. Chaos is a strategy that always works, all you need are the right people with the most influential pedigrees to convince the character that right is left and up is down. The glove-puppet is classically the easiest to maneuver and will believe whatever he’s told as long as his handlers paint the picture that he is the one with the power to distribute.

One aspect that people don’t realize is that these organizations are characteristically a pyramid association and inter-reliant and at times the pieces work independent of the other and never actually converse in person but via indirect communication. These indirect communiqus are typically set up like an Olympic relay race where one party hands off a message or agenda and from one person to the next, each putting the necessary spin on the information so that by the time the concept is delivered to the ‘face’ to the union whether they be a political or corporate the message has all the necessary elements and support needed to complete the objective whether it be a vote in congress or a corporate strategy passed down by current or future ‘agenda’ based shareholders, through the rabbit tunnel and to the lips of the CEO.

Often times the concepts of chaos seen in the media for both of these stages is manufactured and not the actual reality but the potential reality as a market/vote support test to see the reaction before the action is facilitated. Whether the outcome is good or bad is all relative to the strategy of those controlling the agenda.

The individual identified by the public as the figurehead or decision maker, in most cases is anything but. Think George Bush Jr., and do some investigating and you’ll find that he was, for the most part the brunt of jokes and considered a goofball by everyone within his family’s social circle, university, business and even political but he was willing to place personal conviction aside to be the talking head for multiple conservative special interest groups, lobbyists and even religious organizations on the right.

Whether you consider this ethical or not it’s the way it’s always been done in large structured organizations of commerce and legislative. You have to admit, it’s easier to have one sacrificial lamb than a dozen and the puppet masters can simply change out the individual delivering the message if his/her reputation catches up with them and dilutes the message.

The pyramid of power comes to a point at the top and the bottom as those actually in control are at the top, they distribute their message through the belly and at the bottom where the organization comes to a point again, and this is where the public believes the apex of power initiates. There is indeed order and power in chaos.

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