With the economy remaining on the ropes after the sub prime residential financing crisis, small business owners are finding it harder than ever before to get approved for a conventional bank loan. Credit Card Factoring may be a perfect answer. A fast approval time, reasonable cash advance funding of up to 250,000 dollars, and a flexible payment schedule are all great points for pursuing this new direction for the funding your business wants.

However, a small business owner would do well to review more than just the financing they can obtain. The North American Merchant Advance Association (NAMAA) has a list of best working practices which they condone for Credit Card Factoring agents. If the provider offering you a business cash advance doesn’t adhere to these practices, it is most likely best to look somewhere else. The guidleines are as follows:

-Provide clear disclosure of charges – NAMAA doesn’t endorse closing costs as part of the approval process of merchant advances but urges that any of these costs be lucidly explained and disclosed. The total payback amount should be totally elaborated upon and hashed out before finalizing the agreement.

-Give clear disclosure of liability – Technically, merchant advances are not regarded as loans; rather they are regarded as a purchase of future Visa-MasterCard transactions. As such, the entrepreneur can be held personally in debt for any cash not repaid if the merchant opts to violate the arrangement.

-Be mindful of a entrepreneur’s business cash flow – A typical arrangement involves that the merchant repays a specific percentage of credit and debit card receipts on a day to day basis.

-Advertising materials disclosure – All sales materials should make it clear that the arrangement is one of factoring, not a loan.

-Stay on top of your Sales Agents/Brokers – Merchant advance lenders should make sure that their sales agents or brokers are appropriately representing the program.

-Proper payoff of open Merchant Cash Advance Balances – if a small business owner opts to take an additional merchant advance with a new company the new lender should immediately pay off the previous balance instead of leaving it to the entrepreneur to pay off the remainder.

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Many small business owners find themselves flooded after they start their business thanks to the sheer amount of work it takes. They are also overwhelmed by the variety of tasks they have to take on. So what does it take to succeed?

It isn’t difficult to get thoroughly buried in the jobs before you. But there are ways of organizing the work so it is more manageable.

Some tasks are more palatable than others, especially if you have skills in certain areas but not in others. Unfortunately, simply avoiding the distasteful jobs is not an option.

Each and every task you have to do is important to the success of your business. Thus, all of them must be accomplished, whether you decide to accomplish it yourself or not.

Simply organizing yourself and your office will save you a world of pain later. Line out what needs to be accomplished and when and then stick to the plan.

If you have a list of tasks, you can go through it like a plan of action. Do the things you are capable of, and assign the tasks to appropriate individuals if you can’t. If you are the only person in your business, then you can consider hiring others to take care of the tasks you can’t do yourself.

Some savvy business folks go even further than just making a list; they schedule their assignments right into their calendar. That way they can see on an ongoing basis what they need to do to keep their business afloat. Then they make a point of sticking to their plan even when the going gets tough.

Don’t procrastinate and you will thank yourself every month or week when you have finished the odd jobs you hate to do, but that you know need to get done. Stick with it and you will be rewarded with a successful business.

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There are many ways to use Facebook in a professional capacity. You can look for jobs, promote yourself, or just use it to network. Any professional networking techniques you use can be implemented on Facebook.

Job searching on Facebook can be done relatively easily. Simply posting a status related to your job search will raise awareness among your friends and, possibly, inspire a sympathetic response from someone who is hiring or friend who knows someone who is.

Try posting something like, “Secretary out of work. Anyone who knows someone who needs a good secretary, let me know!” Messages like this can have really positive responses.

Promotion on Facebook is a little bit trickier. Don’t get me wrong: it isn’t hard at all. You just have to do be a bit more subtle and less direct. Directs and aggressive promotion on Facebook is a very bad thing; you can lose friends and damage relationships by pushing too hard. Make a few status is, post some pictures relating to your enterprise, and you should be fine.

Setting up a fan page is also a good idea. Many professionals use Facebook in this capacity; fan pages are much more conducive to the marketing approach than traditional Facebook profiles are. When people “like” your fan page, they are linking their profiles to you. This could potentially drive in more traffic through the pages of people who have already liked your page.

If you’re an employer searching for qualified candidates for an open position, Facebook could help you. Post a status addressing your need to fill said position and wait for the inquiries to start pouring in.

You can use Facebook to find clients. If one of your friends post something that relates to a service or product your business provides, don’t be afraid to send him a message detailing your services.

For instance, if someone says they need their home redecorated and you are an interior designer, send them a message saying you would be happy to assist them.

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They say the clothes make the man well, the same thing can be said about a company. The uniforms and work shirts your staff wears can either help or harm your company’s image. With that in mind, it helps to consider a variety of factors before selecting apparel for your staff.

Be sure to ask your staff what they want. They may have good suggestions for what they should wear and if they will be more likely to wear the clothes if they feel heard.

Don’t pick out anything tight or revealing. Some people may choose to wear clothing that shows off a little skin but it usually isn’t appropriate for work. Err on the side of conservatism.

Your staff will be better served if the clothes are not flashy or tight. Look for items that are made from quality fabrics and are comfortable.

You may want to ask some advice from some stylish people if you aren’t big on shopping. Be sure to pick something that will look good on your staff. It should be durable and attractive but not necessarily trendy. Pick flattering colors like blue or white that go with everything.

Don’t forget that your logo should be placed prominently on the clothing. This will identify your employees to the public and make them standout. They also serve as promotional items.

If you take these suggestions into consideration you should be able to pick out the right clothes that your staff will want to wear.

Many companies rely on the old standby – polo shirts. Polo shirts are popular but not flattering on women unless they are specially cut for females. Men and women seldom look good in the same clothes unless they are tailored to fit. Whatever apparel you choose, consider that the more your staff likes it, the more often they are likely to wear it.

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Would you like to make a living from the comfort of your home? Do you have some cash to invest and are tired of seeing it go to waste in your savings account. If this is the case, would you like to learn how to trade on the stock market? Would you like to learn how to use an options trading strategy to manage your risk and make solid profits no matter what the market is doing?

Please do not get me wrong, it is not easy. It takes a lot of time and devotion to design a personalized trading strategy that makes consistent profits through good and bad financial times. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge about the market and the forces that shape it to know when to buy, sell, fold or hold.

You might feel that many traders do not seem to follow a strategy, they just seem to guess which company is going to grow and buy a few thousand dollars worth of stock and presto they have made enough to buy a small yacht. This does happen, some get lucky, but the best traders are those that do not gamble with stocks, they trade in them.

Learn how to not become a victim of the stock market; how to profit where others lose their life savings; how to win when everybody around is losing. As you probably guessed all this does not come free. You will have to invest in order to start the business you will never need to retire from, because it is just too easy and fun to stop.

The only way to learn about options trading is to learn from the best. Ask a professional that is making money from it how he does it. Ask him to break down his decision making process into chunks you can understand and replicate yourself. This will take time and hard work on both your part and the trader.

Did you know you can buy stock and set the minimum price you will sell it for six months down the road. This way you know you have your back covered if all goes wrong while you still can sell it for a killing if the market goes your way. This might seem farfetched or impossible, but it is all part of the world of options trading.

You need to find an expert that is willing to share everything with you and at a price you can afford. Happily this product already exists. An expert trader has already created a video course that will teach you everything you need to know to make a success out of your trading business. Everything from what an option is to how to use it to protect your trading position.

This investment opportunity includes hours and hours of video where a successful trader opens up and shares the options trading strategy that has worked for him for over twenty years. Take this investment opportunity seriously and find how you can make a business from trading from the comfort of your home.

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Business cards have been used by business owners for many years. They provide an ideal way to introduce potential customers to your business and remind your faithful followers that you are still there to serve them. Business cards are an inexpensive and effective way to market a business. They have worked well in the past and they’re still effective today.

Today business cards are more important than ever. With the slow economy and every business seeking to find a competitive edge, not only do you need those business cards to promote your goods or services but you need a business card that stands out in that vast sea of other business cards. Here are some reasons why Plastic business cards can help increase your business.

First impressions have always been important, especially in the world of business. There will be times when the first thing a potential customer sees or hears about your business is your business card. Plastic business cards look very professional and make an excellent first impression.

Plastic business cards can be made into very innovative designs, unlike paper business cards. Plastic business cards really stand out. They are very unique when compared to the look of a traditional paper business card. The colors are crisp and bright, showing every detail. Because plastic business cards are a bit of a rarity these days, they will stand out even further. Your customers will be impressed and will be more inclined to hold onto the card. When they have your business cards in their wallet, they probably won’t go to one of your competitors.

Plastic Business cards are more likely to be passed on to friends and family members. Paper business cards often tear or become worn within a few weeks of being placed in someone’s wallet. However, because plastic business cards are more durable they are more likely to be passed on to people who are looking for the goods or services your company supplies which results in more new business for your company.

What is more, many companies who make plastic business cards will make cards based on your own design or design cards that meet your exact specifications. You can have several colors usually up to four on your business cards, uniquely presented designs and usually have your choice between clear plastic, translucent or frosted cards all of which add their own uniqueness to your business card design.

What this all means is that plastic business cards will make a positive impression on potential customers or clients and will make your company more visible and more competitive. Being competitive in this world of shrinking economy is essential and can make the difference between your business growing and succeeding or failing. The right plastic business card can help to increase your business and help you to grow and succeed.

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A merchant cash advance is an unsecured advance of cash on revenues a business will recognize in the future, frequently given by independent investors. Nothing like the traditional loan, working capital is secured with future credit card revenues and entails much less paperwork than a normal small business loan attained through the bank. Ideal for businesses that don’t have many years of work history on their resumes, a merchant account loan provides desired funds immediately.

Banks review five characteristics when determining whether to provide a business loan. These characteristics, called “the five Cs,” are as follows: character, capacity, collateral, capital and conditions. As typical loans are only given to those merchants with exceptional credit and a verified record, it is understandable that a lot of merchants simply don’t cut it.

The qualifications for a merchant cash advance are less stringent, and payment lengths are also more flexible. Repayment is pegged directly to the credit card receivables realized on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the business owner should use a bit of caution when in the market for such working capital.

Even though a reputable merchant loan agent will extend the necessary funding at a viable price, others will try to charge high interest, ask for up front fees and have unreasonable default terms. Reviewing the fine print is necessary.

While many business advisers will suggest that going after funding from family and friends, credit cards and personal savings are better options, they are not always realistic. In addition, it can take time to obtain such funds, and it really is best not to do business with family and friends. Turn around time on this type of funding is most commonly under a week, and with no set payment amount, a merchant account loan is a good way to acquire money quickly without involving additional people.

Since early 2008 Daniel Samoohi has aided 1000’s of business owners in finding credible lenders in order to review quotes for a merchant cash advance. By making lenders compete with each other, Daniel helps businesses in finding great deals for a merchant cash advance.