Silver In IRAs


The self directed IRA is a great investing tool. It allows investors the ability to choose to have a diverse portfolio. Diverse portfolios are a good benefit because when one market is going down another will be going up.

There are so many investing options in a self directed IRA. There are the more traditional things like stocks and bonds. There are also more modern selections like real estate and precious metals.

Safe investing can be done with precious metals. These metals have held their value since they were discovered. Other investing like stocks have their value go up and down, but precious metals hold on to it.

There are specific requirements when investing in precious metals in a self directed IRA. One is that the precious metals are gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. Each metal has a purity level that must be reached in order to qualify as an IRA investment.

There are coins that have been preapproved as an investment in the IRA by Congress and the IRS. These coins are both from the United States and other countries. One preapproved coin is the American Silver Eagle.

It is valued at one dollar. The American Silver Eagle holds one troy ounce of pure silver. Because this coin is a bullion coin, its value is in the weight of the metal not face value.

Investors need to be sure to get the bullion coin and not the proof version of the American Silver Eagle. The proof version does not qualify and was made more for individuals that collect coins. The proof version will have a letter on it from where it was minted.

Adolph A. Weinman and John Mercanti made the design of the coin. The Weinman design is the Lady Liberty walking towards the sun. The Mercanti design shows an eagle behind a shield with an olive branch and arrows in its talons.

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