Difference Between Fixed And Non-fixed Rate Home Loan


If you have decided to go for an equity home loan, there may be so many reasons for it. But you may end up in confusion what is the best one for you whether to go for fixed rate equity home loan or non-fixed rate equity home loan. Both of them have their own rate of interest and structure of payment. If you cannot understand what I mean here let me explain you in detail. Non-equity type home loan is usually called as equity line of credit which allows a person to mortgage a property and get loan equal to that property.

He may need to offer his house or any immovable property as a security. But to draw the full amount at a single time is not necessary for this. He may withdraw money when ever he needs. Suppose if he takes a loan for $50,000 dollars, he may withdraw it five equal installments which may span over years. There are flexible options available in interest rates of equity home line of credit as per the need of the borrower which are based on certain factors like the loan amount, amount of monthly installment, rate of repayment, etc.

Flexible type of loans has their own risks as one cannot predict the changing rates of interest and it may affect your repayment sometimes. When your due decreases, the rate of interest also decreases but when there is a rise in interest rate, this may turn out to be dangerous. When you borrow money for based on your home value, going for fixed rate of interest will help you to determine the amount to be paid and helps you to plan your budget accordingly. When you use your home as security, you may avail loan facilities up to 125% of the value of your house as per the loan rates and prevailing laws.

In fixed rate of interest, you take your loan amount fully in single installment and you have to repay the amount based on fixed term of repayment schedule. If you have a stable income and potential to repay the money this method is ideal for you. For those people who are in need of big amount of money in a single installment, equity home loan of fixed rate is ideal. What is most important here is to bear in mind the differences between fixed rate and non-fixed rate.

You may take your decision based on those factors like how much money you need, for what purpose you need money and your ability to pay the loan back without any difficulty. If you want to give your house as a security for your loan, you should study these factors before doing it.

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