Beautiful Gift For Your Girlfriend-Diamond And Purchasing Tips


Diamond would be the gift for your girlfriend that would make her keep on smiling. You can get affordable diamond jewelries nowadays. But if you are serious about getting a good diamond, we have some facts here for your to review. A diamond is valued by its cut, carat, clarity and color. You can ask for the certificate (issued by an independent diamond grader such as the GIA) when you shop for a diamond. The certificate is in fact quite important as part of the purchase. Just like selling a car, you need to show the title certificate, you need the diamond certificate if you want to sell the diamond. There are lots of diamond jewelers on the internet, it is easy to get scammed, so we would like to give you some ideas on how to avoid losing your money.

The color of a diamond cannot be changed. Lights transmit differently through different colored diamonds. Given lights can transmit freely through clear diamonds, they are more expensive. Cuts also determine the briliancy of a diamond. Most diamonds are cut 58 different ways, the angles and finishes of the cuts enhance the light reflections. One inappropriate cut can cause a breakage in a diamond. Or a cut that is too thin can reduce the sparkleness of the diamond. Third is the clarity of a diamond, you can examine yourself and see the information on the certificate.

The clarity of a diamond affects the way it shines. Clouds or micro particles might form during the diamond crystallization process. These micro particles reduce the clarity of a diamond, and its ability to reflect the lights. The clarity of a diamond is determined by a certified diamond technician under a 10-power microscope, and is stated on its certificate. The higher the clarity, the higher the diamond price. The weight of the diamond also affects the price. One carat is 200 milligrams. It is further divided into 100 points. A 1.5 carat diamond would have 150 points.

Keep in mind with the four selection criteria: cut, color, clarity and carat, when you shop for your diamond at the stores. Choose the shape and sizes that you would like, and compare the pricing as you shop. Don’t forget to ask for a diamond certificate or a diamond grading report when you look at a diamond. The certificate is issued by an independent laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It authenticates the color, cut, clarity, and the carat of the diamond. GIA is a third party and is independent of the jewelers. Every diamond is unique, and should be accompanied by its own certificate. If a jeweler refuses to give you the report, then you should be alarmed. You would need the certificate for the purpose of reselling or insurance identification.

You can also shop for your diamond on the internet too. You just have to be more careful in your online purchase. It is easy to shop online, plenty of choices, you can get better pricing as overhead cost is lower for online jewelers as opposed to jewelers in the mall. However, you need to research the jeweler once you see a diamond that you like on the internet, before sending them your money. If the price of a diamond is too low compared to other jewelers online or offline, then you should check twice. Search for customer reviews on the jeweler, filings or complaints with the consumer report or BBB, stay away from any troubled jewelers. Make sure you understand the jeweler’s policy on return, refund, and upgrade services. You might be able to find jewelers who have free services such as mounting, sizing and free shipping. Anyhow, get the GIA report or diamond certificate when you shop online to protect yourself.

Some people might think shopping online is a little risky, since you don’t see the diamond or the jeweler physically before you make the payment, and especially it involves a big sum of money. Diamond escrow services are you answers to the uncertainty you might have about the online shopping. These escrow services would get the diamond from the jeweler, validated it, send it to you. Then they will send your money to the seller. Some escrow service would appraise the diamond first before completing the transaction. So you can make your purchase as safe as you want it to be. A diamond is an investment that last forever, and it would be a very lovely gift for your girlfriend.

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