“Edgbaston is probably the most expensive area in Birmingham, but certainly far more accessible than its nearest rival, Sutton Coldfield. Prices have shot up in the past five years – four-bedroom family houses are going for upwards of 500,000 and there is an increasing number of million-pound houses.”
James Powell (Estate Agent, Robert Powell & Co.)

Edgbaston with its wide tree-lined avenues, parks, bowling greens and tennis courts is the Birmingham’s anomaly to St John’s Wood in North London. Explicitly created as residential estate by the Calthorpe family in 1790; it has elegance and tranquility of a suburb, amidst the bustling city of Birmingham. Edgbaston has witnessed the first recorded game of lawn tennis in 1865and first Cricket Test match in 1902 when the left-arm Yorkshire spinner Wilfred Rhodes busted seven-wickets from the Australian team and finished the innings at 36 runs.

Edgbaston is the home to many Warwickshire cricketers and Birmingham footballers. Renowned former residents include Sir Austen and Neville Chamberlain, J. R.R. Tolkien and Cardinal Newman. The district acknowledged for its influence on the arts, offers the most reputed arts centre -The Midland Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park. Whilst, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, on the southern side of the district has a legacy of 65 years and features collection from medieval and renaissance Europe. Being divided into south and north, Edgbaston accommodates affluent families in its south side, while the north side is Bohemian with singles and well-heeled students.

Edgbaston is the millionaire’s paradise. Farquhar Road fetched more than 1 million this year, and House No 7 with nine bedrooms, four reception rooms and an acre of land is available for 1.7 million on the same street. Other opulent and influential areas include Westfield Road, Somerset Road and Chad Road, where seven-bedroom houses with gym sell for 1.2 million.

Edgbaston is a mixed property district; interested buyers can purchase lavish property on the south side or modest homes on the north side. Renting in Edgbaston can be costlier in comparison to neighbouring districts. However rent can be bargained depending on factors like special offers, amenities provided at the accommodation and duration of stay. Renting a one-bedroom flat can cost 360, while a two-bedroom can cost a minimum of 425, and a three-bedroom rent in Edgbaston would begin from 400.

Two-bedroom luxury penthouse apartment on George Road with easy access to Five Ways, Broad Street and a bevy of other city attractions would demand 345 rent in Edgbaston. While, well furnished 5-bedroom house in Harborne Lane area with fully equipped kitchen, car parking space, security system, laundry service and bathrooms with personal shower ranges between 230 and 650 per month. An unfurnished three-bedroom home on Ryland Road costs 344; being located a little further away from the Edgbaston city centre, one may witness a dip in the rent in this area.

Individual’s seeking an economical renting in Edgbaston can view contemporary 3 storey townhouses on York Road. With basic facilities like car park, well-equipped kitchen, washing machine, electric oven and refrigerator, the rent starts from 196.

With renowned Birmingham University in the spotlight, traditional 5 bedroom terraced houses on Leslie Road. This popular student area which is adjacent to Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, Hagley Road, Five Ways and Birmingham City Centre would curtail 191 rent in Edgbaston.

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“Following two months of declining rents over the festive period and New Year, rents increased 1.2% to 814 pcm in February from a low of 804 pcm. While asking rents remain 1.9% lower than last year, this substantial monthly rise is a positive sign for the rental market.”
Nigel Lewis (Property Expert at FindProperty.com)

Harborne is a picturesque rural village situated about four miles southwest of Birmingham. As a parish this populous iron and glass-manufacturing village constitutes the southern division. It is a Birmingham City Council ward in addition to parliamentary constituency of Birmingham Edgbaston. Home to Elihu Burritt – US Consul sent by Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Yet another famous personality Francis William Aston- Nobel Prize-winning chemist and physicist was born in this quaint village in the autumn of 1877.

Reputed schools, expanding, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and fantastic links to Birmingham city centre make Harborne perpetually a hotspot property for local employees. Average rent in Harborne scales between 385 for studio flats and 996 for four-bedroom house.

Harborne is divided into North and South by the High Street, which runs through its centre. It begins from Harborne Road in the east and terminates at the roundabout to west of the street. The village accommodates shops, bars, restaurants and robust transport system to the Birmingham city centre. Birmingham University, QE hospital and several good schools are within an accessible reach.

Property in Harborne carries the Victorian architecture with red-brick layout. Prominent areas for buyers include Greenfield Road, St Marys Road, Metchley Drive, Station Road, Park Hill Road and Gordon Road. Property sizes range from two-bed terraces to lavish five-bed semis. However, the three-bed property dominates the region. In recent years, new buildings have emerged all across the village, especially the Axis development on the High Street that contains 94 one-bed and two-bed apartments on the site of an old garage. Both professionals and families equally seek after this expensive area

Amongst the esteemed properties that exist in Harborne, Moorpool Estate is a 55-acre garden village modelled on the Cadbury village in Bournville. Incepted by city councillor and industrialist John Nettlefold in 1908 and is now a conservation area. The estate comprises of 500 houses, two tennis clubs, a bowling area, allotments, and Moorpool fishing club. Being abundant in Arcadian charm, this Edwardian suburb is an expensive sought-after neighbourhood.
North of Moorpool is a collection of streets with expansive detached properties, dating from the 1930s.

Renting in Harborne for a 5-bedroom house is fairly economical as the price ranges between 150 and 1,200. The accommodations in this area usually provide all the basic necessities like central heating, well-equipped kitchen, laundry service and car parking.

For renting in Harborne a 4-bedroom house the price tag ranges between 184 and 1000. While, for a 3-bedroom property the rent in Harborne fluctuates between 180 and 1,595.

A 3-bedroom shared house or flat would usually demand 180 as rent in Harborne. While, a 2-bedroom shared house or flat in a posh area would cost 240.

Thus, renting in Harborne can provide the tenants with a wide array of choices from detached houses to maisonette with a budget fitting every pocket.

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Gold is, no doubt, one of the most precious metals available out there. Although, there are some who might question the value of gold over platinum, for example, and others who might declare that gold has been outperformed by silver, this metal remains an important asset worldwide.

Gold is different from the above mentioned precious metals, because the demand for these precious metals arises principally from their industrial applications. Gold is produced primarily for accumulation, while other commodities are produced primarily for consumption.

There are some who might argue that gold is simply a standard, a commodity, whose value never changes, that is, simply put, gold is what gold is. You cannot get rich or poor over night if you owe a certain amount of gold.

The question is whether is good to own this precious metal and, if the answer is positive, how much of your fortune can be transformed into bullion of gold. The most traditional stock market analyzers would say that gold is the most secure safe-haven available out there.

During crises, psychological and economic motivation is that people buy gold in large quantities. This produces a rise in gold prices. Therefore, only those who invested in gold before the economic crisis gain from these businesses. A clear mind and a little daring could say that maybe the economic crisis was artificially created by bankers who wanted to increase the price of gold.

Investing in gold has been traditionally seen as an obvious pattern to follow the rich a way. Especially in the past, the most popular method was storing gold bullion. Not having high purchasing power, ordinary people have invested in gold jewelry, which are more accessible. However a majority of specialists do not consider buying jewelry an investment method. Gold is important to have it before, during and after the economic crisis.

Since its demand is always higher than supply, and since new supply is increasingly hard to find, the value of gold will definitely not drop in the future.Nevertheless, gold is the asset that one must go for in these times. Despite the ongoing Greek financial crisis and the rise of the dollar, gold is doing really well on the market, because the price of gold rises as inflation rises.

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Franchisor organizations and individual franchise locations typically lack the synergetic capacity to grow at an optimal level. The reason for this is often times the marketing director lacks the knowledge to promote the organization in a way that is conducive to attracting online web surfers both globally to increase overall franchise locations but also regional marketing that coincides with the latest trends such as Myspace, Linkedin, Facebook, online video, social bookmarking, unique article submission and targeted press release submission.

Go where the people are and spoon fee the information to them at a level in which they are comfortable. Why do franchisors compete with scores of other companies in entrepreneur magazines and online directories?

Sure it’s good to have a presence in these areas but using the above promotional mediums with targeted long tail keyword phrases will get you further. You can target with laser precision and dominate quickly when you merge multiple synergetic elements into the singular unison like a crack of a whip.

For franchisors, cash flow is a common stumbling block as there is typically not enough money to saturate the prototypical magazine rags with display ads and paid article advertising. But when you step outside of this realm of clichs you’ll find a whole new world of opportunity such as TV and radio expert panel publicity and the rapid capital raising vehicle of going public on the OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board).

Imagine the unbridled power when you can truly dominate the franchise industry because you have the proper capital to completely submerge potential franchisees with your message. When your stock is trading you can use PIPE financing and other security backed cross collateralized loan mechanisms to raise money in a snap without signing your life over to your local bank.

Mass publicity, marketing power and enough capital to grow as quickly or as slowly as you choose, these are the ingredients for a franchise organization on steroids.

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The Catastrophic Annihilation of intellect by ‘no child left behind’ and political correctness make our children sitting ducks to the debilitating and mind numbing triggers of our self proclaimed ‘betters’. Sly as foxes and cunning as the crow your local politicians work hand in hand with the gods and monsters in the imperial system of numbers on a screen (fractional reserve lending). When you take a loan from an institutional lender and sign on the line or when you vote for that regional senator or politician and don’t stay on top of their agenda you are pinning the hands of our children behind their backs and marching them, one after the other, off the cliff to their doom.

I loathe anti-establishment hippies who have a mortgage and credit card with top tier banks, these fraudulent ‘tree huggers for hire’ are a major reason we are in this mess. Outwardly they act as if they despise the establishment yet behind closed doors they enable a system that desecrates on the souls of our youth.

To be able to change the system, one must first become part of the system. The problem with blending into the system with intent to change things is that most aren’t strong enough to turn a blind eye to the corruption that absolute power brings.

It’s common knowledge that politicians philander and survive on the take of corruption. They kiss babies, take their picture with supporters but behind closed doors their vampire traits come to the surface as these behind closed doors agendas strip the rights of the people of this country but you just stand there and do nothing. Sign on the dotted line, get that loan for your business and hang our children up to dry, it’s all so easy. Here is an idea, take the power from the politicians and crooked institutional bloodsuckers and take the fate of your company in your own hands. If you have a real viable business offer it up to the people.

I am forever ringing this bell and standing on the soapbox screaming this concept to whoever will listen, “You, reader, do not need a bank to fund your company”. What is it about this concept that you don’t understand. I’m not telling you to lobby venture capital firms that would demand a pound of flesh for every dollar they put into your company. There is a much easier way. You have, at your disposal two concepts that can transform your world in an instant while building massive wealth for your children: Private Placement Memorandums and Over The Counter Bulletin Boards.

A PPM allows you to stay within SEC guidelines while selling an equity interest in your company to investors for cash and services. You would be shocked at how effective this process can be for raising capital. But take it one step forward. You’ve raised money to expand your business now stabilize your corporation by going public on the OTCBB. Hire a consultant who can structure your company properly in a way that is conducive to attracting serious investors pre public.

Pay close attention to your board of directors, advisory board, C level executive pedigree and last but not least have an investor relations strategy in place that could choke a horse! Publicity, press releases, stock alerts, radio expert panel interviews and more. Plaster the bulletin board market with your message but be sure to stay within promotion compliance. Do this and you will tear the keys that hold your future from the rusty poisonous talons of bankers and do nothing politicians and you’ll place the keys of prosperity and financial freedom to those who deserve it; you, your family and your employees and of course the investors that helped you get there.

Tell your local politician and banker to take a hike, seek Christ and repent and whenever you vote for a political scumbag in the future, hold them to every word and call them on every lie and make it as public as possible! I will now step off my soapbox.

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Reverse mortgages are great for creating supplemental income for retirees. Seniors who are 62 or older can access their home equity through these loans. Reverse mortgages are great ways for seniors to meet their retirement needs and unexpected expenses during their later years.

Benefit From the Equity That is Already Earned

The money that is lent in a reverse mortgage is based on the existing equity in a senior’s home. If a person has lived in a home for a long period of time and has paid the regular mortgage loan for years, the reverse mortgage can be looked at as a return on that investment. The money that comes from a reverse mortgage can replace the money that has been paid into a traditional mortgage payment during the normal ownership of the property. A reverse mortgage can free seniors from the worry of making regular mortgage payments for the rest of their lives.

Supplementing Retirement Income

The payout from a reverse mortgage can happen over a series of years. It is not necessary to receive funds in one lump sum. The loan can be controlled through judicious payment requests. When someone establishes a reverse mortgage, the funds are allocated to the recipient on an as-needed basis. That means that the reverse mortgage can be used as a sort of savings account that provides protection in the case of an unexpected financial problem, such as medical bills. The reverse mortgage payment could also be used to fund annual vacations or other leisure activities to enhance the final years of a senior’s life.

Fundamentals of Reverse Mortgages

The reverse mortgage process involves an assessment of the property’s value and the investment that the borrower has already made in the property. The borrower must maintain ownership of the property for the reverse mortgage to remain in effect. The borrower is also responsible for property taxes and insurance, and maintaining the habitability of the property. If those requirements are met, the reverse mortgage loan amount will be established by the bank. The borrower can choose to collect from the reverse mortgage at any time. When a payment is requested, the amount that is paid out is added to the eventual repayment amount of the loan.

Repayment of the Loan

Seniors who receive reverse mortgages are clear of any repayment obligation during their lifetime, unless they relinquish ownership of the home. A reverse mortgage must be paid when the house is sold or upon the death of the borrower. Most reverse mortgage loan repayments are handled by the surviving family members who are able to finance the loan repayment through the sale of the house. Since the reverse mortgage was calculated using the property value of the home, reselling should provide all of the necessary funds to repay the loan comfortably.

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I consult in the turnaround sector with public companies on the Pinks, OTCBB, London Exchange, Frankfurt Exchange and every exchange in-between and everyone seems to have the same issue: there stock isn’t trading at the price they desire and they are dying to find a way to fix the problems that are hindering their trade. It usually comes down to a few basic elements. Use each of these elements with caution as this industry is full of predatory organizations and consultants and can be dangerous to amateurs. If you’re a newbie, that’s ok. Do what you can but know when you are in over your head and turn the remaining process over to people that swim with sharks for a living.

Public company structuring and turnaround strategies typically center around the elements of: corporate publicity, individual executive publicity, lack of an experienced publicist, lack of strategic alliances and lack of the proper promotion that is conducive to getting stock investors to pull the trigger.

Corporate publicity can be broken down into the immediate and ongoing use of: press releases, viral marketing video and article submission, corporate blogs, investor relations, market maker or broker dealer that is affective and of course the almighty strategic alliances that build hype and build power behind your brand.

Another major component that most companies are lacking is ‘Individual Executive Publicity’ by use of press release, viral market: video uploads with interviews and how to type material, article submission and personal blogs that center around the particular industry genre issues. It is important to make each executive stand out like a beacon in the industry and to press the reality or create the reality that your executive staff is composed of the who’s who of your industry.

Next you’ll need a corporate publicist with a focus on getting your CEO, CFO and/or corporate executives on TV and radio panel discussions as industry authority as well as newspaper and magazine articles and interviews about your company and its executives.

Don’t forget the importance of ‘Strategic Partnerships’. Announce new partnerships with multiple press releases, photo ops and articles. Pick strategic partners that have name recognition or are about to be in the public eye to piggy back off of the publicity they are receiving.

If you are an OTCBB or Pink Sheets company email campaigns to stock Investors are a quick way to get a nice bump in exposure and stock price but too many of these campaigns done the wrong way can hurt your company so be careful. Your investor relations consultant should have you listed on multiple stock alert services that run ongoing back to back. And the last but not least, the old fashion snail mail ‘Direct mail to stock investors’ can be the added bang to your stock price rising and stabilizing.

Turning around a company can and expensive proposition today but can increase your company’s value exponentially if done by an experienced professional. It’s a process that’s worth it to companies with an eye toward longevity.

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