Jobs in IT sales can offer great pay and rapid career progression. What’s more, there’s plenty of choice…

The UK is the most successful location in Europe for attracting IT companies. Over a million people are employed in computer-related fields and IT sales jobs in the UK, with more than half in the software and computer services industry.

It’s home to leading global players – Google, eBay and Microsoft to name a few – and to over 100,000 specialist software houses. In fact, there are more software start-ups in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. And with the Government investing heavily in pursuit of a new agenda for ‘Digital Britain’, public sector engagement will only serve to boost jobs in IT sales.

However IT sales jobs have not escaped the impact of the recession; several major industry players have been affected by a slump in client sales. But with technology so integral to so many businesses (if not all) its place in the future of commerce is particularly secure.

The IT workforce is almost 1.2 million strong in the UK, and growing. Technology is all around us and is used in just about every walk of life, and in almost every organisation, from a small design agency to a global charity, from a hospital to a corporate bank.

Jobs in IT sales typically fall into the three main areas: Pre-sales, sales, and post-sales support of hardware and software products and services.

The first area involves supporting pre-sales activities by giving detailed information on technical specifications and the ways in which they could meet a customer’s needs, often demonstrating those features before a sale.

The actual sale involves negotiating a commercial agreement to the benefit of both customer and supplier. Post-sale may include introducing add-on products like training and software, or ongoing services such as hosting and maintenance.

Jobs in IT sales account for the majority of roles within the IT sector.

A large proportion of jobs in IT sales are likely to be with computer manufacturers, eCommerce and software houses. IT sales jobs specialists in these roles explain the detailed features of products in non-technical terms to both users and those with purchasing power. It’s likely to also include both pre-sales support and after-sales contract assistance to help with faults or to maximise facilities.

If you work for a major computer retailer, IT sales jobs involve offering advice to individual and corporate customers, helping them to choose the products and services that meet their particular needs plus providing a help desk or after-sales service.

Smaller, specialist computer retailers use IT sales recruitment to find sales professionals who can provide an individual and more informal service to customers (mainly small businesses and social/educational users).

The wide range of technical and personal skills demanded by IT sales jobs are highly transferable and will allow progression into other areas of sales, consultancy, or management positions within IT. Marketing, training and product support roles are also future options.

Typical advancement in IT sales jobs involves handling more technically complex queries or becoming involved in the selling or marketing of larger IT products, systems and services. A detailed product and service knowledge, a proven track record of exceeding sales targets and strong business acumen can help career progression.

Career progression is often reflected in the level you are selling to, i.e. progressing from selling to an individual in a business up to sales at board level.

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Are you passing through that period of the month when your wallet has been exhausted but there’s some more spending left to do? Emergencies come without any prior notice. Your car may crash suddenly. Your best friend’s birthday is around the corner. Your relatives may drop in without any notice. Your family members may need some urgent medical care. What if the money you have is not sufficient for the expenses. You cannot always rely on your boss or friends. But yes, you can rely on the internet based money lenders who are now offering instant loans.

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Under the scheme of instant online loans, the loan companies do not ask you to fax supporting documents. This saves your time you would otherwise have spent on locating the documents and then getting them attested before facing them to the lender. Imagine the time you saved. The verification hardly takes few hours. These money lenders have a wide network across the UK so they can trace your information within hours of applying.

To avail the loans, you have to fulfill some preconditions specified by the lenders. In this regard:

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September 23rd 2008

Circulator™, Ireland’s leading web-based email marketing solution, today gained a lucrative UK presence by announcing the opening of a new office in partnership with International Software Publishing Limited, who will trade under the name of Circulator UK.

The office is part of Circulator’s global expansion of its email and newsletter web- based marketing solution. The UK team, based in Fareham, Hampshire, will provide support and manage sales for Circulator’s UK customers and develop a reseller channel.

Circulators differentiator in the marketplace is its pricing model. Customers only pay on the months they send emails and the price per email is dependant on the cumulative amount of emails you’ve sent.

After continued success within the Irish market, including winning a much coveted award at the All Ireland Marketing Awards, Circulator founder, Don Farrell said, “we have noticed a gap in the UK market for easy to use web-based email marketing solutions. Our dynamic pricing structure means that you more send the more you save. Unlike our rivals, we don’t force customers to choose a monthly plan and penalise them when they exceed it.

With this in mind they have partnered with International Software Publishing, who have expertise in direct marketing, CRM and data management through their subsidiary company DQ Global.

Martin Doyle, Managing Director of the newly created Circulator UK, commented, “…research has shown that email marketing has a staggering 45:1 return on investment (ROI). This is highly relevant during an economic downturn, when all businesses have to optimise their investment in marketing.

About Circulator

Circulator™ is a web-based email marketing solution allowing its clients to easily create, update, manage and measure their online marketing campaigns.

Whether clients are new to e-marketing or have experience in this field, Circulator specialises in pre-designed customisable templates, data management and easy to use solutions for every step of the email marketing journey. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Circulator also has a regional office in Fareham, UK, serving worldwide clients including: Bank of Scotland, Kingspan, Marriott and WorldSpreads.

For more information, please contact Michelle Soper-Dyer

Tel+44 (0) 2392 987792

People in the UK who are planning to retire during 2008 are likely to face their later years earning a lower-than-average annual income, a new study has revealed. Research carried out by Prudential found that adults retiring this year will live off an average income of £18,663 a year, which is £5,000 less that the average income for a working adult.

Women are likely to have to survive on less each year than men, the findings show, with an average income of £11,291 compared to the male average of £20,790. Some 46 per cent of this year’s retirees surveyed, however, said that they expected to have a comfortable retirement funded by state and work pensions and savings. For 36 per cent these financial provisions were not considered to be enough to retire in comfort, while 18 per cent weren’t sure.

Gary Shaughnessy from Prudential pointed out that the demise of many final salary pension schemes would mean retirement incomes were reduced and added that it was “worrying” that just 24 per cent of those polled had sought financial advice.

Even those prospective retirees who have made plans for the future could be missing out on some pension benefits, according to another study. Research from Lincoln Financial Group revealed that 1.8 million savers in the UK have staked their future income on the stock market, rather than in long-term pensions. Some 26 per cent of people aged over 55 found by the poll to have invested in shares see such concerns as an alternative to a pension and 21 per cent would up their investment even in the face of recent economic instability. Simon O’Connor from the firm said that the tax advantages offered by long-term pensions saving alone can make this option worthwhile.

The Prudential report also highlighted the importance of seeking advice when making financial plans for the future. Inflation increases, as well as the increasing life expectancy of people in the UK, mean that the pension provision people do make – whether in pensions products, savings or investments – may need to last a long time. Mr Shaughnessy pointed out the potential tax breaks available that are often not utilised by savers, and added that diversifying savings across pensions, mortgages and investments with the aid of financial advice can help people get the most from the money over the long-term.

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This article has been written for information and interest purposes only. The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author only, and should not be construed as advice or used to make financial decisions. Expert financial advice should always be sought and any links contained within this article are included for information purposes only.

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Shop Around – When shopping online don’t settle for the first one you find. Instead shop around – it’s quick and easy, will take very little extra time, but can translate into substantial savings. Price compare and watch for items on sale, especially in this market, there seems to be a lot more dramatic price reductions.

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Save the Sales Tax – Many e-commerce sites will only charge the sales tax for the state they are based in, and other states will have no sales tax charged. Look for these sites. It can be quite a money saving challenge.

Shopping online provides you purchasing opportunities that shopping locally can’t give you. With secure checkouts it’s as easy as providing your credit card number, and waiting for you package to arrive in the mail.

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